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This report was produced by IMPACT Initiatives, under the guidance of the Durable Solutions Platform. As the situation in Syria is currently not conducive to large-scale voluntary return of refugees in safety and dignity, there is a need to assess the possibility of a durable solution for Syrian refugees currently living in Iraq. This report therefore examines the potential for local integration of Syrian refugees in Iraq by looking specifically at 1.) the current level of integration of Syrian refugees in Iraq according to the criteria developed by the Inter-Agency Standing Committee; 2.) the factors that enable or limit the ability of Syrian refugees to integrate in Iraqi communities; and 3.) the preferred durable solution of Syrian refugees living in Iraq.

The study focused on households in urban areas only (Erbil, Dahuk and Qaim) and covered Syrian refugees as well as Iraqi residents (but not Iraqi IDPs). The study examined differences between Syrian refugees and Iraqi host communities along several indicators, including: Safety, security and freedom of movement; Adequate standard of living, including access to goods and services; Access to income-generating opportunities, etc.