About NLG


The No Lost Generation (NLG) is an independent and concerted effort by multiple stakeholders to ensure that the most vulnerable children, adolescents and youth affected by the crises in Syria and Iraq have access to education, protection and opportunities to engage positively in their community and society.

It is co-led by UNICEF and World Vision. Initiated in 2013 in support of the responses in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, and Egypt, the initiative comprises joint, evidence based advocacy to push for investment, policy change and programmatic improvements in relation to the areas of Education, Child Protection and Adolescents & Youth. 

No Lost Generation focuses on regional level actions and does not cover country-level programming in relation to the NLG pillars, which is embedded in the country level joint humanitarian / resilience response plan; and coordinated and reported on through the relevant Humanitarian / Resilience Coordination mechanisms.

The initiative is steered by a partnership of operational organisations (INGOs and UN agencies) convened at the regional level in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and enjoys strong support from key members of the international donor community and a cohort of champions - individuals with significant standing and influence who are able to promote NLG goals in their own networks.