Children and Young People

Regional Adolescent and Youth Advisory Majlis

The MENA Regional Adolescent and Youth Advisory Majlis (RAYAM/Majlis) is envisioned to serve as a sustainable and inclusive regional platform for young people from the MENA region. "Majlis" is an Arabic term meaning "a place of sitting", and alludes to a secure space where young people can convene to share their thoughts and insights on issues of importance to them. 

The Majlis provides opportunities to young people whose voices are rarely heard and those who are civically engaged and demonstrate leadership in their communities / among peers to share their voices, amplify issues of relevance to young people in MENA and ensure their voices influence decision-making processes on issues of concern to them. The online platform, managed by RAYAM, provides an avenue where young people can confidentially discuss and consolidate their views / issues, through discussion forums, webinars, group chats, and surveys. The Majlis seeks to institutionalize systematic adolescent and youth participation, particularly among the most vulnerable youth, in regional advocacy and program interventions. Visit the RAYAM/Majlis

Two steering committee representatives were elected from the Regional Adolescents and Youth Advisory Majlis to be part of the Steering Committee of the 2019 NLG Tech Summit. The event, which took place in June 2019, was co-organized by UNICEF Middle East and North Africa Regional Office and NetHope, and co-created together with young people, represented through a Youth Advisory Board, and 11 UN/NGO agencies, each contributing their unique expertise, network, and resources to the Summit planning and implementation.

No Lost Generation Student Chapters

The US Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration has used an innovative mechanism of a virtual internship program to establish No Lost Generation student chapters, to engage university students in the humanitarian response to the global refugee crisis. The student chapters educate and inform their local communities about refugee issues, raise funds, and support locally resettled refugees. From 2016 to 2020 there have been 53 No Lost Generation student chapters, based in the US and beyond.

If you are interested in starting a chapter, please download the No Lost Generation campaign kit.

Voices of Youth

Voices of Youth is a vibrant community of youth bloggers from all over the world, offering inspiring, original insight and opinion on a variety of topics. The Arabic platform is alive with discussion of the effects of the ongoing conflict on youth in the region. Countering disheartening headlines about today’s young generation, the Voices of Youth community proves that young people are making a difference, each and every day. Anybody is welcome to write, film, comment and engage in discussions – visit Voices of Youth.