Support No Lost Generation programmes

Go to our partners' page and click on the logo of the organisation you would like to fund.

Support No Lost Generation in your community

Download our Campaign Kit, find some like-minded friends or colleagues, and get going.

Spread the word

Use #NoLostGeneration in support of children and young people affected by the Syria and Iraq crises.


If you are a young person, check out Voices of Youth and share your insights and aspirations.

Engage in meaningful dialogue

Join Global Nomads Group  to engage with young people to promote empathy, awareness, and agency to tackle some of the world's most pressing issues.


At home, abroad, or online, via UN Volunteers.

How to become a No Lost Generation partner
  • The representation is organisational, not individual; 
  • The organisation must be operational and not a donor; 
  • The organisation must cover NLG related issues in at least two out of three NLG six countries: Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Egypt; 
  • There should not be any objection from other NLG members to the organisation joining; 
  • The organisation must attend NLG working group meetings at a rate of at least 50% 
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