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Supporting the needs of displaced children and youth requires a collaborative, cross-sector approach, and innovative solutions that deliver at-scale, long-term impact. The private sector brings a unique combination of expertise and resources that are critical for meeting the urgent and ongoing needs of children and youth affected by the Syria and Iraq crisis.
In March 2017, the No Lost Generation Tech Task Force was set up by NetHope to facilitate collaboration between the humanitarian sector and the private sector, with the focus on ICT-enabled, evidence-based programs for vulnerable children and youth. The Task Force brings humanitarian and development experts together with the private sector to identify the highest impact opportunities that align with the needs of the most vulnerable children and youth.

The Task Force focuses on:
  • Establishing collaborative information exchanges around education, livelihoods, participation and protection; starting with the needs of vulnerable children and youth
  • Facilitating project-based collaborations and programs to address the needs of vulnerable children and youth. Building on the momentum coming out of the No Lost Generation Silicon Valley Symposium 2017, the Tech Task Force is working to catalyze collective impact through project-based cross-sector collaborations focused on four challenges faced by youth and adolescents affected by the Syria and Iraq crisis. This work aligns closely with the engagement framework outlined in the No Lost Generation Private Sector Engagement Guide
  • Synthesizing group insights into learnings & recommendations (digital format, in-person workshops) with a focus on the role that technology tools and services can play in enabling scale and increasing quality

The Tech Task Force has grown to 50+ members, including UNICEF, Mercy Corps, World Vision, Save the Children, International Rescue Committee, Microsoft, TripAdvisor, Adobe, Cisco, Arizona State University, and many others.

The No Lost Generation Tech Task Force is open to all global and local NGOs, private sector companies, academic institutions, entrepreneurs, and host governments. Sign up

The No Lost Generation Tech Task Force is led by Leila Toplic