The overall funding level for NLG is currently at 33 percent using Q2 funding data for 3RP countries, and as of Aug 5 for the Iraq and Syria HRPs. A total of USD 842 million has been received, leaving a gap of USD 1.7 billion.

The total funding requirements for programmes under NLG has risen in past years, as the current funding requirement is at over USD 2.5 billion. This is up from under USD 2 billion in 2017, and USD 1.14 billion in 2016. This point to the fact that while much work has been done, life remains a struggle for children living in Syria and Iraq, and refugee children living in host countries.

It is worth noting that as of the end of Q2 2018, the 3RP is 41 per cent funded against the total requirements, while the Syria HRP is 42 percent funded and Iraq HRP 61 per cent funded as of 1 September.

Without additional funding, there will be a tangible destabilizing impact on children, young people and their families: more children out of school; children exposed to protection risks such as early marriage, and missed chances for young people to engage meaningfully in their communities. More broadly, host community fatigue and social tensions in communities across the region may grow.

UNRWA is facing unprecedented financial challenges in 2018, putting at risk the provision of vital assistance to vulnerable Palestine refugees affected by the Syria crisis. Funding is needed urgently to maintain UNRWA’s humanitarian operations for over 50,000 Palestine refugees in Jordan and Lebanon across a variety of programmes.

No Lost Generation Funding Update