11 years on... Syrian youth still dream big for their future!

No Lost Generation


On 28 April 2022, No Lost Generation (NLG) members consulted with a group of Syrian and Palestine Refugees from Syria (PRS) adolescents and youths in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Syria to discuss their concerns, suggested solutions and hopes for the future ahead of the Brussels VI conference of 9-10 May 2022.

The group included 6 young women between the ages of 16 and 24, most of whom were still studying at school or university, and residing in Lebanon’s host community, as well as Zaatari, Azraq and Baqa’a camps in Jordan. Two young men with disabilities aged 16 and 17 years old from Azraq camp also took part in the discussion. And lastly, a youth officer from a local Syrian NGO based in Turkey was conveying key messages from young women and girls in Northwest Syria.

The discussion revolved around five key discussion themes:

1. Daily challenges faced by children, youth and their families
2. Impact of the humanitarian response and other suggested solutions
3. Hopes and dreams for the future
4. Key messages for stakeholders meeting at the Brussels conference
5. And lastly, some messages of hope for the young generations impacted by the recent conflict in Ukraine

As major stakeholders in the Syrian crisis response meet in Brussels this week, it is crucial that the voices of Syrian youth continue to be heard andtaken into consideration. Now is not the time to let them down!

The picture shows a young boy wearing a school bag seen from the back and walking in a camp
No Lost Generation
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