Arab human development report 2016: youth and the prospects for human development



The Arab Human Development Report series has, since its launch in 2002, presented an accurate and frank description of the dynamics of human development in the Arab region, endeavouring to uncover the challenges facing the region, analyzing the social, political and economic trends that influence the region and contributing to guiding the debates on crucial issues with the aim of advancing the development process.

This report, the sixth in the series, seeks to provide a common platform for the debate on the future of development in the Arab region by considering the situation of youth, who constitute a pivotal issue, particularly at this time. The report´s eight chapters are based on a careful, in-depth reading of the events of 2011—including the background and continuing ramifications throughout the region—from the perspective of human development. The report concludes by proposing strategies to empower youth and the formulation of a new development model fit for youth and with the potential to achieve positive change.

The executive summary of the report as well as a PowerPoint presentation are available.

Arab human development report 2016 first page of the report
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