Child safety audit in Harshm camp, Erbil, Iraq

Terre des Hommes


Harshm camp was set up in September 2014 as a response to the influx of Iraqi Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), in Erbil city. In 2015, the camp held 1408 individuals, 54% of whom are children under 18. The Safety Audit was conducted to assess the overall security risks children face in Harshm camp. Terre des Hommes Italy’s team of social workers carried out a Child Safety Audit in February and March 2015 throughout the whole camp.

The child safety audit was a tool developed by the Child Protection Working Group in order to understand the risks to which children are exposed and for organizations to advocate for changes and improvements to ensure the safety of children. The child safety audit goal is to identify risks for children in camps and sites throughout the region. The tool assesses the risks through observation of the environment and community, and through focus group discussions, which focus on the six key areas: Overall camp/site layout, shelter, WASH, community, child friendly areas, and fire safety.

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