Cluster coordination performance monitoring

The Global Cluster Coordinator Group


The Transformative Agenda

In the Transformative Agenda (2012), IASC Principals agreed that ‘there is a need to restate and return to the original purpose of the clusters, refocusing them on strategic and operational gap analysis, planning, assessment and results’. At country level, the focus should be on strengthening response through coordination, partnership and accountability to affected populations.

The IASC Sub-working Group on the Cluster Approach

The Transformative Agenda asked the IASC Sub-working Group on the Cluster Approach to review cluster guidance and consider ways to monitor the performance of cluster coordination at country level.

The Cluster Coordination Performance Monitoring (CCPM) process and final reporting format were endorsed by the IASC Working Group in August 2012.

Cluster Coordination Performance Monitoring (CCPM) takes place when a cluster assesses its coordination performance against
(i) The six core cluster functions set out on the ‘Reference Module for Cluster Coordination at Country Level’2 and
(ii) Accountability to affected populations.

The CCPM is a country led process, which is supported by global clusters and OCHA.

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The Global Cluster Coordinator Group
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