Consultation on technical and vocational education and training in the Middle East and North Africa



The second phase of the “No Lost Generation” (NLG) initiative calls for a key strategic shift towards engaging in a more systematic targeting of youth at the post-basic education level. This includes the need to expand access to multiple learning pathways available to Syrian refugees and the children and youth of affected host communities (15-24 years of age), including Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET), both in formal and non-formal settings.

A Consultation on TVET for the six Syria crisis countries was held based on the recommendations put forth in the Syria Crisis Education Strategic Paper from the 2016 London Conference. It was organized by UNICEF MENARO, the ILO Regional Office for the Arab States and education partners within the framework of the NLG, while bringing together other experiences from the region and best practices in the field. The Consultation aimed to further unpack the provision of TVET and explore programmatic avenues for more effective and sustainable quality interventions in the creation of employment and self-employment opportunities.

In particular, the Meeting provided participants with the opportunity to:
• Unpack the field of TVET in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and within the context of the Syria crisis: pathways and employment; reform agendas and policy frameworks; forms and types of TVET.
• Look at ways for improving the quality of technical and vocational education through life skills.
• Learn about existing models and programmes that are bringing together public and private providers, as well as private sector companies, in the provision of TVET and in the creation of employment opportunities.
• Devise strategies for scaling up quality TVET interventions within national policy and programmatic frameworks.

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