Crossroads: the Syrian children's rights and the Global Refugee Forum

World Vision


Based on a World Vision’s desk analysis of child protection and education pledges by selected international actors at the 2019 Global Refugee Forum (GRF), this briefing highlights the unequivocal failure of key Syria actors to address the protection needs of Syrian children. World Vision calls on all actors and world leaders gathering at the High-Level Officials Meeting to ensure the soaring needs of Syrian children, in Syria and in host communities, are not overlooked. For the millions of Syrian refugee children, returning to their country is not an option, and will not be for years to come. Syrian children are at breaking point. The High-Level Officials Meeting must be a turning point for prioritizing and addressing their needs.

The first page shows a picture of a young women sitting on a couch in a tent and the text of the policy brief in two columns
World Vision
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