Delivering psychological treatment to refugee children via telephone

Elrha's Research for health in humanitarian crises (R2HC)


Many children in humanitarian settings with a need for psychological treatment cannot or do not access mental health services. Refugees face restricted access to conventional primary health care centres and the humanitarian health organisations working in such areas are confronted with many obstacles. In order to overcome these, Elrha adapted and piloted a transdiagnostic psychological treatment programme, Common Elements Treatment Approach (CETA), for delivery to Syrian refugee children in Lebanon by trained lay counsellors over the phone. The newly adapted telephone-delivered CETA (t-CETA) facilitates the provision of psychological intervention for children in humanitarian emergency and other low-resource settings with limited access to mental health services. This project was funded by R2HC.

Screenshot of the brief on telephone services for refugee children
Elrha's Research for health in humanitarian crises (R2HC)
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