Early child development kit: a treasure box of activities - activity guide



The Early Childhood Development Kit was created to strengthen the response for young children caught in conflict or emergencies. In complement to basic services related to young children's hygiene and sanitation, health and nutrition, protection and education, the Kit offers young children access to play, stimulation and early learning opportunities, and permits them to regain a sense of normalcy. Through this process, young children are in a protective and developmental environment for physical and mental health, optimal growth, lifelong learning, social and emotional competencies and productivity.

The Kit contains materials to help caregivers create a safe learning environment for up to 50 young children ages 0-6. Each item was carefully selected to help develop skills for thinking, speaking, feeling and interacting with others. Contents include: puzzles and games, counting circle and boxes to stack and sort, board books and puppets for storytelling, art supplies, and soaps and water containers for promotion of hygiene.

This publication is an easy-to-use Activity Guide that is included in the Kit. It contains suggestions on how to use each item based on children’s age and interest. Additional web-based supportive materials include a Trainer’s Guide and a Coordinator’s Guide. Together, these provide programmers detailed guidance on all aspects of planning, implementing and evaluating the ECD Kit.

The cover shows nine illustrations of parents playing with their children. They are displayed on a blue cover.
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