Enhancing youth employability: the importance of core work skills



Countries across the world are seeking strategies to improve both the employment prospects of young men and women and the productivity of enterprises. A foundation of core skills is one of the key constituent factors of employability, along with access to education, availability of training opportunities, and the motivation, ability and support to take advantage of opportunities for continuous learning. These skills are critical for both workers and the enterprises that employ them, enabling workers to attain decent work and manage change, and enabling enterprises to adopt new technologies and enter new markets.

This policy brief aims to assist key stakeholders to better understand what the core skills for employability are, why they are important, and how they can be delivered, attained and recognized. It illustrates various ways of integrating employability skills into core academic content and vocational training.

Innovative use of information and communications technologies (ICT), improvements to informal apprenticeship systems and targeted interventions directed at the specific hurdles facing disadvantaged young women and men provide greater opportunities to incorporate core work skills into technical training.

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