Fast facts - Syria regional crisis: 10 years on



In this short fast facts report, UNICEF provides key data on the consequences of ten years of war on Syrian children. The report covers grave violations against children, extreme survival measures, education, health and nutrition data both in Syria and in neighboring countries.

Total number of Syrian children in need of assistance inside Syria and in refugee-host countries: Over 8.5 million children, 6.1 million children inside Syria, 2.5 million in neighbouring countries


  • 80% of the population live in poverty.
  • The price of the average food basket increased by 236% in December 2020 compared to December 2019.
  • In Northwest Syria, 82% of people reported that children are engaged in child labour instead of attending schools.
  • 2.45 million children are out of schools, 40% are girls.
  • Half a million children are chronically malnourished.



  • Nearly 750,000 Syrian refugee children are out of school approximatively one out of three Syrian refugee school-age children.
  • Since COVID-19 started in Iraq, 60% of Syrian refugees households reported needing access to health services and hospitals.
  • Nutrition has been a growing need in Lebanon with the percentage of households with poor or borderline food consumption doubling in 2020.
  • 35% of Syrians and more than 17% of Jordanians have permanently lost their jobs.



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