A girl no more: the changing norms of child marriage in conflict

Women's Refugee Commission


Parents' decision to marry off their young daughters is influenced by concerns about poverty, protection from rape and its stigma, prevention of pregnancy outside marriage, and from the influence of other communities – all issues exacerbated by displacement. Rather than solving these problems, child marriage isolates girls from what opportunities exist.

Nine of the top 10 countries with the highest rates of child marriage are fragile states. Yet married girls are invisible in humanitarian programming.

This research suggests that when girls have access to education and other programming and when families have their basic needs met, child marriage can be reduced.

The cover shows a portrait of a young girl. The logo of Women's Refugee Commission is on the top left corner while the logo of the Canadian government and the NoVo foundation is at the bottom, below the title "A girl no more: the changing norms of child marriage in conflict" in red.
Women's Refugee Commission
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