Guidance note on adolescents and youth programming

3RP - Regional Refugee & Resilience Plan


Adolescents and youth comprise a significant proportion of the Syrian refugee population who have great potential but face significant risks. Adolescents and youth have been drastically affected by the conflict, and are growing frustrated, restive and disempowered by factors of low access to quality education and vocational training, limited quality protection, health and livelihood services, high unemployment, a lack of voice and engagement in social cohesion and decision making processes.

The high percentage of adolescent and youth population presents both challenges and opportunities for the Syria response. For countries with a high cohort of refugee, IDP and host community adolescents and youth, the immediate challenge is to generate strengthen their protection, develop their skills and provide educational and employment opportunities which bring hope of a better future, rising living standards and security. Insufficient investment on adolescents and youth will have devastating short and long term consequences for the region as empowered and skilled adolescents and youth are critical to address current challenges in the region and for the future peace and security of Syria and the region.

This guidance note includes key recommendations to ensure quality adolescents and youth interventions across the 3RP sectors.

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3RP - Regional Refugee & Resilience Plan
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