Guidance note on Makani, My Space approach



A Makani centre offers a comprehensive approach to service provision covering alternative education, skills building programmes and psychosocial support. Each Makani should have a community outreach component which is linked with the services being provided at the centre. Makani will act as a centre to refer boys and girls to other specialized services such as formal education and case management for child protection and gender-based violence.

Makani supports the engagement of local networks of partners to facilitate best-in-class thinking, practices and applications necessary to enable and expedite systemic, sustainable change. This will be done by creating opportunities for children and young people with unique insight into the challenges that affect their communities to team up with local experts to develop creative and innovative solutions to those challenges.

To outline the comprehensive approach of Makani in order to reach a shared understanding of Makani - My Space comprehensive approach (“I am safe, I learn, I connect”), and to ensure that vulnerable girls, boys, young people, and women have safe access to quality services.

The cover shows the logo of the Makani programme, four little men of different colors, including a little man in a wheelchair. They are all of different colors.
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