Keeping the promise of a No Lost Generation: support education for all Syrian children and youth

No Lost Generation


No Lost Generation education pillar releases its annual education brief, giving an update on access to education for Syrian children in Syria and host countries and on the financial requirements of the education sectors in the 3RP and HRP.

Over a decade into the conflict in Syria, lifelong relevant learning opportunities for quality inclusive education and skills acquisition services need to remain available, accessible, predictable, and continuous for all children, adolescents and youth in Syria and the five key host countries namely Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq.

Within the framework of Regional Refugee Response Plan (3RP) and Humanitarian Response plans, the efforts by national governments and partners to support the continuity of learning for both Syrian refugee and host community children are to be commended. The latest comprehensive data available reveals that an estimated 5.6 million Syrian children are engaged in learning opportunities inside and outside of Syria. However, with countries grappling to address learning loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic on top of existing barriers and challenges, there is an estimated 4 million out of school children in Syria and host countries, which represents an increase of 4 percent compared to 2020. The disruption of learning for children and youth exposes them to increased protection risks, such as gender-based violence, child marriage, child labor, and exploitation.

The first page of the report shows three small pictures of children and youth at school with the overview of the report below
No Lost Generation
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