Mental health, care practices, gender and protection sector: technical guidance for COVID-19 crisis

Action Against Hunger


This document is a positioning document that aims to clarify the strategy and the different activities officially approved by the "Mental Health, Care Practices, Gender and Protection" sector during the fight against Covid-19.

Action Against Hunger's interventions are guided by the two main objectives:
● the continuity of essential services with the adaptation of our approaches and services in relation to the pandemic and, in some cases, lockdown.
● the specific programs and activities developed by the MHCPGP sector in the context of prevention and response to Covid-19 as well as the consequences related to containment.

The document also aims to inform about the specific positioning of Action Against Hunger, in order to promote greater complementarity, more effective and effective coordination and finally a better collective impact.

The cover of the report shows a picture of a social worker meeting a mother and her baby in a game room.
Action Against Hunger
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