MHPSS cross-sectoral strategic framework in humanitarian settings

Save The Children


The mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) strategy has been developed to lift the scale and quality of MHPSS programming to best promote and respond to critical gaps in the way Save the Children responds to the Mental Health and Psychosocial needs of children and their caregivers in the contexts in which we work.

The strategy suggests a variety of MHPSS interventions and approaches to be incorporated within the three Save the Children (SC) breakthroughs: Survive, Learn and Be Protected. There are mental health and psychosocial support implications in much of Save the Children's work across all contexts, and MHPSS considerations have been incorporated into several Common Approaches. Given the urgency of the need, this framework focuses on increasing capacity for SC’s MHPSS work in humanitarian settings.

This strategy provides a framework for a cross sectoral MHPSS programming that emphasises:

1. Mainstreaming of MHPSS across sectors to enhance coordination, and across the different phases of response, including the humanitarian-development nexus.

2. Building the capacity and competencies of staff to better support the MHPSS needs of children and their caregivers, and to ensure their participation in programme design.

3. Enhancing quality MHPSS programming, measurement, learning and implementation research.

4. Establishing clarity and consistency in approaches, key terms and implementation of comprehensive MHPSS programmes across the SC movement.

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