No Lost Generation evaluation 2019: final report

No Lost Generation: a catalyst for action & a foundation for fulfilling the rights of children affected by crises


No Lost Generation: A Catalyst for Action & A Foundation for Fulfilling the Rights of Children Affected by Crises is the evaluation report of NLG undertaken by Dara.

Launched in October 2013, the No Lost Generation initiative (NLG) was initially a “strategy” to focus resources on ensuring that children affected by the crises in Syria, and later Iraq, had access to “education, protection, and opportunities to engage positively in their community and society.”

This evaluation demonstrates that while the NLG was highly effective as a “clarion call” for the rights and needs of children affected by the crises, once this was accepted and incorporated, to different degrees, in regional response plans (3RP; SHARP; et. al.), these became the primary drivers for action in response to the crisis.

It evolved from being a powerful message that influenced local and international actors to being an alliance of committed organisations and individuals working at the regional level to continue to promote the three pillars, integrated programming approaches, innovative approaches to recurring issues, as well as continuing to be an advocacy platform for resource mobilisation. Despite some confusion about its overall purpose, the NLG developed exceptional assets in how it brought actors together to determine how best to meet the needs of children, youth, and adolescents, affected by crisis.

A Syrian child in front of a drawing
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