Parenting skills intervention: curriculum for caregivers of adolescents

USAID and International Rescue Committee


The Safe Healing and Learning Spaces Parenting Skills Curriculum for caregivers of adolescents is to be used by a Facilitator to deliver the Parenting Skills sessions to caregivers in the Safe Healing and Learning Space (SHLS). The Parenting Skills Intervention is one of the 4 components of the SHLS Toolkit. As illustrated in the diagram below, the SHLS Approach, the Reading and Math Intervention, the Social-Emotional Learning Intervention, and the Parenting Skills Intervention are complementary and contribute to the overarching goal, that children are safe, well and learning in emergencies.

Parenting skills intervention cover with a white background in the upper half and a pale green background in the lower half
USAID and International Rescue Committee
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