Preparing for the future of children and youth in Syria and the region through education

No Lost Generation


During the February 2016 London 'Supporting Syria and the Region' Conference, the No Lost Generation partners recognized that efforts to support the education of Syrian children and youth were not sufficient, and they set ambitious goals.

The Syria Crisis Education Strategic Paper, presented in London, outlined key strategic shifts to address the scale and challenges of this protracted crisis. These were articulated around the three pillars of education system strengthening, access and quality. The principle behind them is that education interventions occur along an emergency-to-resilience continuum and represent longer term 'investments for the future' while addressing the immediate needs related to the crisis. Furthermore, the strategic shifts are in line with the Sustainable Development Goal Four on education (SDG4) towards ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all by 2030.

One year after London, progress in education is measurable - thanks to commendable efforts by governments and partners.


Cover of the report with 6 portraits of 3 girls and adolescents and 3 boys and adolescents
No Lost Generation
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