Reaching out to all learners: a resource pack for supporting inclusive education

International Bureau of Education - UNESCO


Inclusive education is an over-guiding principle of the 2030 Education Agenda embodied in the SDG4 Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. Inclusive education is at the core of the transformation of education and of education systems. It entails building upon the uniqueness of each learner and providing a personalized learning opportunity. The International Bureau of Education (IBE) is therefore well positioned to support Member States and other key partners to effectively implement Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4).

The IBE series of Training Tools for Curriculum Development: a Resource Pack is designed to support Member States with regard to education and curriculum reforms and development processes. Specifically, ‘Reaching Out to All Learners: a Resource Pack for Supporting Inclusive Education’ intends to share this broader understanding of the theory and practice of inclusive education to support its effective implementation at the school and classroom levels. It provides comprehensive guidance for national policy makers, curriculum specialists and developers, teachers, teacher educators, school leaders and district level administrators.

The cover includes six pictures of children learning all around the world
International Bureau of Education - UNESCO
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