Research to improve the quality of teaching and learning inside Syria



This reportĀ is an in-depth review of the learning environment for Grade 2 and Grade 3 children in areas of Syria not controlled by the Government of Syria (GoS). It examines teacher practice and behaviour, the nature of the learning environment, and their effects on child learning and wellbeing. It is aimed at Education in Crisis and Conflict (EiCC) donors, policymakers, researchers, and implementors, and particularly those with interest in Syria. The report seeks to provide theoretically informed and policy-relevant insights on suggested investments in improving learning for children in such contexts, namely by adjusting the nature of their learning environments, and in particular, by improving the quality of teaching.

This study represents the first wide-scale analysis since the start of the Syrian conflict of how teacher practice and learning spaces influence child learning and wellbeing in Syria.

Picture of two girls and three boys sitting in a classroom
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