Safe healing and learning spaces toolkit

International Rescue Committee


This is a brochure presenting safe healing and learning spaces. A Safe Healing and Learning Space (SHLS) is a secure, caring and predictable place where children and adolescents living in conflict and crisis settings can learn, develop and be protected. Such spaces are particularly important in conflicts and crises, when children are exposed to multiple and severe adversities, such as violence, abuse, displacement and an absence of support in the home and community.

The Toolkit provides all of the content needed to initiate an SHLS in an emergency setting.The tools are evidence-based and practitioner-tested, developed by
the International Rescue Committee’s in-house technical experts, field tested with displaced communities and frontline staff in Nigeria, Chad and Iraq, and refined through feedback from academic and peer reviewers.

The first page of the brochure has text on the right side, two drawing of a group of children and of a brain, with a yellow banner on the bottom featuring the logos of IRC and USAID
International Rescue Committee
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