Summary report on birth registration survey in Erbil governorate



In a period from the 10th to the 17th of May 2015, UNHCR’s implementing partner INTERSOS conducted the birth registration survey in all four camps within the Erbil governorate. The survey was conducted in line with the ongoing birth registration campaign, involving several protection actors operating in the camps. Notably, the survey was conducted for the first time since the establishment of the camps and the results obtained in course of the survey, therefore, remain indicative of the margins of the issue and the result of interventions undertaken vis-à-vis the community concerned. Concurrently, these results form a basis for immediate and long-term interventions in the areas of advocacy, awareness-raising and legal assistance. Against the target figure, the survey covered approximately 526 refugee households with a total of 538 children born in KR-I and registered as lacking birth documentation.

The cover shows the first page of the document with the title "SUMMARY REPORT ON BIRTH REGISTRATION SURVEY CONDUCTED IN KAWEGORSK, DARASHAKRAN, QUSHTAPA AND BASIRMA CAMPS WITHIN ERBIL GOVERNORATE" on top in capital letters. The rest of the document is text and a table of the households surveyed.
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