Too young to wed: the growing problem of child marriage among Syrian girls in Jordan

Save The Children


This briefing focuses on a less publicized consequence of the crisis in Syria:  the rising number of refugee girls who have been forced to marry. Refugee communities in Jordan were the focus of this investigation, although similar trends have appeared in other refugee communities in Iraq, Egypt, and Turkey.

Statistics show the percentage of registered marriages, where the bride was under 18, have risen dramatically over the past three years in Syrian refugee communities in Jordan: 12% in 2011, 18% in 2012, and 25% in 2013. Dwindling resources, difficulties in providing security for children, and the threat of sexual violence are all seen as reasons for the latest increases in child marriage.

This briefing provides a snapshot of the complex situation of Syrian refugee girls in Jordan. More research is needed as well as a means to address this latest consequence of the conflict in Syria. 

The cover shows a picture of a young girl wearing a blue veil covering her mouth. The background of the cover is blue with Save The Children logo on the bottom right corner.
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