UNRWA school dropout: an agency wide study



This report presents the findings of an agency wide study of drop out of students in UNRWA schools, both at elementary and preparatory levels. The study was undertaken by UNRWA educationalists in the five Fields of its operation, led by the Education Department, HQ, in 2011/2012. The sample relates to 170 schools across the five Fields. Analysis of the data was carried out by the University of York, UK and the American Institutes for Research in Washington, with the active engagement of the UNRWA team.

The study explores the reasons behind UNRWA student drop out from the perspective of students themselves, their parents and the teachers. The purpose of the research was to better understand what causes children to drop out, or as it is referred to in the report, "fade out‟ (Hampden, G, 2013). Such understanding will better enable schools and teachers to identify "warning signs‟ and "risk factors‟ so that preventative and support mechanisms can be put in place.

The main picture shows a young boy walking away, from a wall with graffitis. The background of the cover is half blue and half white.
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