Urging ministries to invest in mental health - guide

The Global Mental Health Action Network


This guide has been developed by the Financing Mental Health Working Group of the Global Mental Health Action Network (GMHAN). The GMHAN is an open community of over 1,000 mental health professionals from 90 countries who share a mission to improve support of mental health globally. The membership includes individuals from academia, governments, UN agencies, the private sector, and civil society, meaning the Network is well-positioned in developing robust, informed, and cross-sectoral resources serving a broad range of mental health sector priorities.

The GMHAN works collectively to accelerate political and financial support for global mental health through joint communications, advocacy projects, and thought leadership. It is the largest global mental health network of its kind in the world.

This guide has the intention of helping all those who are or want to influence a finance ministry to increase investments in mental health. This guide will provide language, approaches, and resources — as opposed to advocacy and campaigning
strategies — that may be critical in persuading finance ministries to invest more in mental health.

This guide is written for all those seeking to increase government mental health funding, especially those in civil society and therefore on the outside of government. The authors hope that this guide will provide a helpful framework and overarching guidance, but the most important component to making the case for investment is always the national and local context that must be added by the reader — every finance ministry is different.

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The Global Mental Health Action Network
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