NLG Edutech Summit 2017

The goal of the 2017 No Lost Generation (NLG) EdTech Summit was to bring together innovators from the private, public and development sectors to showcase and brainstorm tech-based solutions to the education and skills challenges caused by Syria Crisis.

No Lost Generation EdTech
A man is talking in front of a crowd in an amphitheater, with the NLG EdTech PowerPoint behind him
No Lost Generation
01 March 2017

The No Lost Generation (NLG) EdTech Summit, held on 1 - 2 March, 2017, was the first of its kind in Jordan. Over 200 EdTech innovators, education providers, investors and key actors from the private, public and non-profit sectors from the region and abroad, came together to network, collaborate and co-design interventions that support children and youth affected by the Syrian crisis. The summit was part of the wider NLG initiative, which supports children and youth affected by the Syria.

A woman and a man presenting a powerpoint that says "Don't design products, design outcomes"
Two women assisting two children using mobile phones
A woman speaking in a micro, surrounded by a crowd of young women
Two men discussing in a front of a booth, with one of them holding a book untitled "I am human" (in arabic)

Attendees came from across the EdTech sector. There was representation from
Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Cisco, the Australian Embassy, the Swedish
Embassy, UNICEF, UNCHR, Save the Children, IRC, and many other SMEs, NGOs, corporates and international institutions.

Over 30 organizations also exhibited at the event including corporates, SMEs,
NGOs, and UN agencies from the region and beyond. A full list of exhibitors
is available here.

During the event, participants also had the opportunity to work together during breakout sessions on Action Plans in a bid to compete for seed funding.  

A smiling woman standing in front of her booth
A woman presenting a powerpoint untitled "EDUAPP4Syria Demonstration Session"

"I really think a lot of different organizations connected, and a wealth of ideas
were shared"

Director of Education - Pre and Lifelong Reading, Worldreader
A table of young men and women brainstorming

Five seed funding awards, with a total value of $210,000 USD and €25,000, were available through a competition held during the event.

  • ALL CHILDREN READING (2 awards of $50,000 each)

  • MALALA FUND AWARD ($50,000)


  • STARTUP BOAT AWARD (€25,000)

  • ZAIN AWARD ($10,000)


Read more about the 2017 NLG EdTech through the summit report.