Renewing our promise to stand up with Syrian displaced children

As the High-Level Officials Meeting is taking place, No Lost Generation is releasing a series of doodle videos portraying the stories of Syrian children, their journey through war and displacement and their messages to global leaders.

No Lost Generation
15 December 2021

As part of the High-Level Officials Meeting and to mark the second anniversary of the Global Refugee Forum, No Lost Generation initiated a series of doodle videos to highlight the stories of children forced to flee their homes as the war in Syria wreaks havoc on their communities. 

No Lost Generation

Through their stories, Anisa*, Omar* and Saja* shared the terrible impact war had on their childhood. Having been displaced, they not only lost their homes but for some, a limb, a friend or a family member. Uprooted, they often face obstacles in accessing school or receiving psychosocial support. The COVID-19 has only exacerbated vulnerabilities for displaced families and host communities.

As the international community reviews the pledges made at the Global Refugee Forum in 2019, it is time to acknowledge that much more remains to be done for Syrian children to have better educational opportunities and to access child protection services.

I learnt that life does not stop at one point. If I were attacked, or I lost part of my body, life does not stop there

Saja, a 18-year-old Syrian adolescent

We must act now for all children to be safe from harm, inside Syria and in host refugee countries, like Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq and across the world.

Global leaders must act now to avoid generations to be lost!

* Please note children's names have been changed to protect their identity.