11 November 2020

No Lost Generation

Our vision, Children and youth have access to certified quality education, while benefiting from a protective environment. Adolescents and youth are supported to contribute to resilience and social cohesion in their communities, and have expanded livelihood opportunities in line with national legislation. Open book, EDUCATION, 4.2m children in Syria and 500,000 children in Iraq will be reached by No Lost Generation partners with learning opportunities Hand supporting a children and his parent, CHILD PROTECTION, Over 1.2m children in Iraq, Syria and refugee hosting countries will participate in structured, sustained psychosocial support programmes Active character, ADOLESCENTS AND YOUTH, Over 1.3m adolescents and youth in refugee hosting countries will access positive engagement opportunities, Syria 12 years on: Fast facts and Figures, Release of our annual report, The cover shows a picture of three boys and a girl in a street, smiling at the camera. Above is the title "No Lost Generation Annual report" in both purple and water green rectangles. On the bottom right corner is the NLG logo.     No Lost Generation is releasing its annual report, covering progress and activities of Phase III from August 2021 to…, 12 years of suffering in Syria,     Humanitarian needs are currently at their highest in Syria and neighbouring host countries, as Syrian families, girls and boys continue to bear the brunt of conflict, violence and displacement, 12 years on. Syria is the world’s largest displacement crisis with more than 13 million people having either fled the country or been displaced within…, Advancing Nurturing Care in Humanitarian Settings, Advancing Nurturing Care in Humanitarian Settings-English Cover     An estimated 29 million babies were born into conflict-affected areas in 2018 (UNICEF, 2019). Young children in these situations, particularly those aged 0-5, face compounded risks to their development stemming from multiple adverse experiences which may include exposure to war…, Calling for the renewal of cross-border assistance to Northwest Syria, As the UN Security Council Resolution 2285 authorizing humanitarian actors to provide lifesaving aid to Northwest Syria, UN humanitarian leaders and NGO leaders are calling for a renewal of cross-border assistance for an additional 12 months. The cross-border assistance is a lifeline reaching 2.4 million people every month in Northwest Syria.…, Brussels VI Conference: NLG Advocacy Brief, Azzam, 12, surrounded by his sisters Sidra, 14, Nour, 11, and Khadijeh, 1, outside their home in Rural Damascus, Syria   Ahead of  the Brussels VI Conference - Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region , No Lost Generation is releasing an advocacy brief highlighting that the needs of Syrian children have never been more urgent, despite the…, Brussels VI Conference: Youth's recommendations,   No Lost Generation members consulted with a group of Syrian and Palestine Refugees from Syria adolescents and youths in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Syria to discuss their concerns, suggested solutions and hopes for the future ahead of the Brussels VI conference of 9-10 May 2022. This brief describes young Syrians' daily challenges in their own…, Our 2022 Education brief, The first page of the report shows three small pictures of children and youth at school with the overview of the report below   No Lost Generation's Education pillar is releasing its annual brief on the state of education for Syrian children and youth in Syria and the neighbouring countries. The report displays the latest data on out-of-school…, EVENT- Eleven years on the crisis in Syria: What does the future hold for Syrian children and young people?, On March 30, the Malcolm H. Kerr Carnegie Middle East Centre, Gallup International/ ORBl, the No Lost Generation (NLG) initiative and UNICEF came together to discuss what the future hold for Syrian children and youth as we marked the 11th year of the crisis. Moderated by Arwa Damon, CNN Senior International Correspondent, the panel - including NLG…, Syria 11 - NLG statement, Through a hole in a wall, we can see two parents carrying a one-month-old baby girl. UNICEF/UN0187717/Sanadiki As war rages in Ukraine, we continue to be concerned about the safety and protection of the thousands of children who have experienced violence and displacement in the past weeks. At the same time, we should not forget the plight of the…, Our report on behavioral barriers and enablers to inclusive education, Following No Lost Generation's  side-event to the Global Disability Summit on February 17 , No Lost Generation is publishing a research report led by World Vision and Mercy Corps on the behavioural barriers to education for children with disabilities in Jordan. World Vision and Mercy Corps with the support of the No Lost Generation (NLG)…, Statement following the High-Level Officials Meeting, A girl is smiling and standing in front of a laundry line, outside in a refugee camp Following the High-Level Officials Meeting in the framework of the Global Refugee Forum (GRF), No Lost Generation co-chairs are calling global leaders to redouble our collective efforts to promote and protect the rights of Syrian children. Between now and the next…, Renewing our promise to Syrian children, In the context of the High-Level Officials Meeting, No Lost Generation is releasing a series of three doodle videos portraying the stories of displaced Syrian children, highlighting their continuing needs for protection services and educational opportunities. Anisa, Omar and Saja stories illustrate the shattered childhood of an entire generation…, Listen to Syrian refugee girls speak about their aspirations on the International Day of the girl Child, Our partners, NLG partners logo v3 Subscribe NLG New year card, About #NoLostGeneration, No Lost Generation initiative is an ambitious commitment to action by humanitarians, donors and policy makers in support of children and youth affected by the Syria crisis. Find out more about NLG