Global employment trends for youth 2015: scaling up investments in decent jobs for youth



This issue of Global Employment Trends for Youth provides an update on youth labour markets around the world, focusing both on the continuing labour market instability and on structural issues in youth labour markets. Chapter 2 sets the stage with an overview of youth labour markets at the global and regional levels, with a particular focus on trends toward declining labour force participation and employment shares among youth and diversity in unemployment outcomes. Chapter 3 addresses youth employment as an issue of economic development, with emphasis on the quantitative and qualitative changes that can occur when labour market institutions are strengthened to promote greater regularity of employment. The chapter also looks at the trends toward declining yet still prominent working poverty rates among youth, persistent underutilization of young labour engaged in irregular work and skills mismatch. It also explores the concept of non-standard employment according to the context of developed or developing economies. Chapter 4 addresses the increasingly complex labour market transition of youth. Finally, Chapter 5 turns the attention to policy options for investing in youth employment. The stress is placed on balancing macroeconomic and microeconomic interventions, addressing labour demand and supply together, keeping the qualitative aspects of employment firmly on the agenda and forging partnerships for policy coherence and effective coordination on youth employment.

The cover shows an illustration of a world map with statistics around the map
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