World report on child labour: paving the way to decent work for young people



The present World Report assesses the interplay between child labour and youth employment. The Report through analysis of data generated by the ILO’s Statistical Information and Monitoring Programme on Child Labour (SIMPOC) and the ILO’s School-to-Work Transition Survey (SWTS) programme assesses the major impediments for the 15-17 years category of workers in securing decent jobs. In so doing, it examines the employment outcomes of former child labourers and those who begin the transition to work at an early age (i.e. before 15 years) and compares these to others. The work on the report was led by UCW in close collaboration with the Youth Employment Programme based in the ILO’s Employment Department.

The cover has two pictures. The upper shows two girls using a sewing machine in a workshop. The lower ones is a boy cutting plants in a field.
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