No Lost Generation EdTech Summit 2018

Held on 21-22 February 2018, the NLG Tech Summit gathered 200 participants who exchanged idea about tech innovations to support youth affected by the Syria and Iraq crises.

No Lost Generation
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No Lost Generation
22 February 2018


The No Lost Generation (NLG) Tech Summit, held on 21-22 February 2018 was the latest in a series of NLG events designed to bring together humanitarian experts, private sector companies, academic institutions, investors, donors and conflict-affected youth to share current programs and solutions, and design new tech-enabled programs for young people affected by the crises in Syria and Iraq. The summit is part of the wider NLG initiative, which supports children and youth across the region affected by the conflict in Syria.

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A woman is presenting a slide untitled "No Lost Generation: Engaging Adolescents & Youth and the NLG context"
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Over one third of Syrian and Iraqi refugees are between 10 and 24 years old - they are an entire generation of young people living through conflict, displacement and the resulting consequences across the region. These young people worked with NLG agencies to identify core challenges they are facing in terms of accessing education and training, securing employment and participating meaningfully in society.

To address these challenges, over 200 participants from the NLG region and further came together to network, collaborate, share ideas and learn about tech innovations that support young people affected by the Syria and Iraq crises.

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The summit focused on youth, its challenges, needs and the ideas of youth and adolescents. Young people themselves opened the events, outlined the key challenges for each section, showcased some of their work and participated in panel discussions.

There was representation from international private sector companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Pluralsight, at least 6 governments, 9 UN agencies, around 20 INGOs, regional tech companies, SMEs, NNGOs, and investors.

32 exhibitors came from Jordan, USA, Lebanon, UAE, Canada and Switzerland.

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