COVID-19: Working with and for young people

Compact for Young People in Humanitarian Action


The Compact for Young People in Humanitarian Action has mobilised to provide its Global membership, humanitarian actors and youth-led and youth-serving organizations with guidance on working with and for young people during the COVID-19 pandemic."COVID-19: Working with and for Young People" is available for download.

The compact is composed of 50+ leading humanitarian actors, INGOs, youth-led and youth-serving organizations and private firms, all committed to ensuring that the needs, perspectives and capacities of young people are meaningfully included in humanitarian response.

This guidance is meant to assist humanitarian actors, youth-led organizations, and young people themselves across sectors, working at local, country, regional, and global levels in their response to the novel coronavirus pandemic. 

It begins diagnostically, exploring the impacts of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) on young people. It then proposes a series of actions that practitioners and young people can take to ensure that COVID-19 preparedness, response plans and actions, are youth-inclusive and youth-focused - with and for young people.

Recommendations are structured around the give key actions of the Compact for Young People in Humanitarian Action: services, participation, capacity, resources and data. Where available, the recommended actions are accompanied by resources and concrete examples, which can inform approaches and support implementation.

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Compact for Young People in Humanitarian Action
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